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How To Use Your Menstrual cloth pads

Why You’re Going to Love Your PeriodMate Menstrual Pads!

If you are anything like myself, you found this site because you were looking for an alternative to disposable maxi pads or tampons.  You want reusable menstrual pads that works fast and easily … that are durable and are built with highest quality cloth material to last a LONG time … and that’s exactly what PeriodMate will do for you.

In short, you’re going to LOVE the results when you use your Period Mate Cloth Menstrual Pads.  In fact, why don’t I explain …


Here Are 4 Great Things That you can completely depend, Your PeriodMate Menstrual Pads Will Do For You!


"This is nothing short of life changing! I admit... when I first heard of these, I honestly found the idea disgusting. As I read more and more and looked into alternative options, I decided it was worth a shot. I just wish that I had known about these years ago!! It takes a bit of a mind shift, but it's a small price to pay for how amazing your it is! No more chemical loaded tampons for me... ever. My body will thank me as well as the environment. If you are thinking of giving it a try... just do it!” – Camilla M.

  • The moment you use your Period Mate Menstrual pads; you will notice how truly life changing cloth pads are for you. In other words, once you start using it, your menstrual will become lighter, less cramps and you will no longer be absorbing the carcinogens and chemicals that are in disposable tampons and pads.
  • Imagine Not spending another penny on chemical loaded disposable pads and tampons that you have to pay tax as a luxury item. Period Mate will save you money on the long run and will keep your body from harmful disposable materials.  
  • When you use your Period Mate pads and are ready to clean it, you will need to run it under cold water to rinse out the blood and you can throw it into the washer with the rest of the cloths.                                      
  • Your Period Mate Pads comes with a beautiful matching pattern Wet Bag to maintain your pads separately until it’s time for their next wash.

 Now that you understand the results you will experience using Period Mate Cloth Menstrual pads... I bet you’d like to know how to get the best possible results from your new cloth pads ...

How to Get the Best Results When Using Your Period Mate Cloth pads!


  1. After opening the plastic bag, wash your pads with mild soap and warm water before using and let them air dry or you can go ahead and through them in the dryer with any choice of softner you like.
  1. Fold your Period Mate pads charcoal/Gray side facing you and snap the wings at the bottom of your underwear. 
  1. To avoid shifting of the pads around, please do not wear loose underwear during your menstrual. Wear a perfect fit or a more secure underwear to keep your pads in place.
  1. Do not wear your pad more than 12 hours. You need to change pad every 6-12 hours in order to avoid leakage.  You may need to change more often depending on your menstrual Flow.
  1. To remove, just pull the snaps open and remove the pad off your underwear. Run it under cold water or soak it a pile of cold water with baking soda.   When all the blood is rinsed out you can put it in the wet bag until time for wash.
  1. TiP: When you take a shower, place used pads on the shower floor while showering for a good rinse. The water from the shower along with a few presses with your foot will help to rinse them properly and then you can just throw them into the laundry with other clothes or hand wash them yourself if you prefer.