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For Working Women

Many of us find it annoying and pretty much hate the arrival of our periods. With the way our schedule is, it is very tough to remain upbeat and on time during your menses.  Our life has to continue even during this bothersome time of the month.  

PeriodMate has products that can be life changing for  every working woman that deals with her periods in a manner that ensures ease and comfort. If you are a busy, working woman or even busy stay at home mom, our products will benefit you greatly. With our products you can expect a worry-free period, which means one less thing to on top of with everything else that is going on.  

For The Busy Working Woman
Working women are always running around trying to keep track of their hectic life. Doing all this, while trying to work with your menstrual cycle, can be trying. Many young professional women have to face the burden of an irregular period and this can hinder their work even more as it increases the anxiety of when they may have that unexpected surprise.

To give you some solace from this much hated burden, our StainFree Panties have been found to be very effective in providing a good period. These panties will enable busy working women to carry on with their lives, attend work, and go on social outings with friends and never worry about leaking during the course of the day. Getting your hands on these panties would be a useful addition to your wardrobe for that time of the month.

PeriodMate StainFree Panty
These panties are specially designed to be used during your menstrual period. This panty looks like your everyday underwear but has the advantage of providing additional protection. It is well-designed and has been made to be breathable yet waterproof. These superior quality period panties are moisture-wicking and come in a wide range of stylish designs and colors.

Features of StainFree Panties

  • PeriodMate StainFree Panty is made up of high quality fiber and spandex thus making it hypoallergenic, silky, soft, and stretchy.

  • High tech polymer has been used for the inner lining of the panty, which helps prevent leaking in the center and rear of the underwear.

  • In addition to the adult women size that caters to working women, we also have sizes for teenagers and pre-teen girls.

We understand the embarrassment that can arise when you are away from home and stain your clothes due to your periods. Well, our StainFree Period Panties will never let that happen again. Particularly for the busy working woman, StainFree Panties are the best solution for menstruation woes and will not leave you disappointed.