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Cloth menstrual pads For School Girls

PeriodMate cloth menstrual Products for Young Girls that ensure cleanliness, easy of use and comfort for every woman.At PeriodMate , we are creating  products that ensure cleanliness, easy of use  and comfort for every woman. Our array of  products seek to care and protect for your reproductive health. Our Goal is to bring all women a pleasant, hassle-free and comfortable experience during their menstrual time. We are women and we work with women to empower them by bringing the better alternative to disposable products.  Menstruation is many times an inconvenience that we as women don't necessary look forward to it. We strive to make your menstrual experience as comfortable as we possibly can.

When it comes to young children, up-coming puberty is an issue that needs to be tackled. We can provide you with everything you need to make your daughter understand what getting her period is all about. Not only that, but by getting your hands on some of our products, you can also prepare your child in advance for all that she will experience. After all, being prepared will help your daughter deal with it in a better manner.

PeriodMate cloth menstrual Products for Young Girls 
Some of the products that can benefit young girls and help them learn all they need to know are mentioned below. All these products address menstruation related problems and creating awareness in advance is always a good thing.

  • PeriodMate Stain Free Underwear – Having a full-cut style, this underwear is soft and stretchy. It contains water-proof fabric, is flexible, stylish and pretty. With this product, you can be assured of worry-free nights and days- whether at school, college or home. This will become your best friend during those discomforting periods.

  • First Period Kit –The First Period Kit consists of every item that your daughter will need for her first period. It has a booklet that provides answers to some of the most frequently asked period-related questions. We also include a heat pad, scented bags, sanitary pads, and more.

  • Gift Set – This is a good gift to give a young girl who is on the verge of hitting puberty. This gift set includes items that will come in handy when she begins to menstruate, such as the Periodmate Pads, and the Heart-shaped Reusable Instant Heat Pad- all in a beautiful gift box. This is a great gift for friends and family.

Growing up can be tough for a girl, but it is a part of life and we are here to help make your transition into womanhood easy and comfortable. PeriodMate provides items with the best quality and we guarantee that with our products, all the hassles of being a woman will now be washed away. Eco-friendly, clean, convenient, and comfortable, PeriodMate has been known to meet every young girl’s needs.