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By now you must have read about the resurgence in reusable period pads.  Women have used cloth pads for a millennium.  The shift to disposable pads came in the 1800s before people understood the dangers of synthetic materials or what the impact they might have on the environment.  Today we’re all about choice and making the right choices for our body and health.
Did you know that synthetic pads can draw moisture from the vagina and actually increase your chance of pain or even infection during heavy flow?  Cloth pads are more comfortable, cost-effective, and help prevent toxic shock syndrome.  Switching today can not only save you money over time, but increase comfort and health.
Women all over the world are making the switch to menstrual cloth pads for periods and incontinence because it not only provides a sustainable, reusable, alternative to plastics and synthetics, but because it feels better.  Women who have switched to cloth love it! They feel better, they feel cleaner, and they feel more in touch with their bodies.
Try Periodmate Pads today to find out why.

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